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R950MX Richiger Grain Bagger


ModelR950MX Grain Bagger

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Tag #Richiger Grain Bagger

Product Description

9' Double Roller Mill Bagger, Can Process Up To 80 Tons Per Hour, This machine offers the possibility of ensiling moist grain by crimping the grain and storing it in a bag, all done in one single movement. Besides being a uniquely palatable and digestible concentrate that preserves the grain's original nutrients, fermented grain (e.g., corn, barley, sorghum, wheat, etc) keeps exceptionally well in bags because the anaerobic environment is steadier and far more thorough than that achieved in trench or bunker silos. There are quite a few other advantages in ensiling grain for feed. For example, grain is harvested weeks before full maturity (which preserves nutrient values at their peak), harvest is easier to arrange with combines more readily available before full harvest season sets in, and the cost of drying the grain is avoided. CALL FOR CURRENT PRICING.